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"You did a fabulous job
and the parts you machined for us look totally awesome.
I appreciate you going above and beyond to
make them look more appealing and presentable. I look forward to doing future business with you."

Leanna Levine, President
ALine Inc.

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Machine Vision

Service Machines is one of the nations leading innovators of machine vision solutions. Service Machines' machine vision solution enables the addition of sight to almost any automation application. Specializing on very sophisticated closed-loop vision solutions that "off-the-shelf" packages can not handle, Service Machines is providing real solutions to their customers.

Working with in conjunction with robotic manufacturers and system integrators, Service Machines is able to provide a complete vision-enabled automation solution.

Here are a couple of examples of Service Machines' vision software in action (with photos and video when available):

Effervescent Bath Tablets Pick-up Point Detection (with Video)

Ball Bearing Dimensions (with Video)

Give us the test: Email us your toughest machine vision problem and we'll respond with 24 hours if we can or cannot help you.